The Box

The Box

Has been sold. You are welcome to contact us at: hello@

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Technical Specs

Everything was built according to the Australian Design Rules.

Trailer from AU

The Trailer

The chassis is a single axle trailer manufactured in Australia. It complies with applicable Australian Design Rules. We painted the chassis with White Knight Rustguard Epoxy Enamel to prevent rusting. From to tip to rear, the trailer is 5m long.

Manufacturer Bass Coast Caravans

WOF lasts until 04/10/2019

Axel Load Capacity 1450 KG

Brakes Mechanical brakes

Jacks 4 corner drop down jacks, 740mm extended length

Spare Wheel under trailer

Standard Lights Brake and turn lights

Additional Lights LED position lights, 8 lights total, 2 on each corner

Specialized Insulation

The Walls

Unlike traditional caravan construction, we used a composite material that is becoming popular with newer caravan builds. The walls are made from the same material used to build coolrooms. This allowed us to build without a frame. The Box is likely better insulated than some houses.

Coolroom Panels 50mm polystyrene core with 0.6mm prepainted steel on either side

Windows x2 Solid glass windows with wood frames, and magnetic flyscreen

The panels adhere to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1366, Part 3-1992. They do not contain fluorocarbon.

The panels are:

  • Non-corrosive

  • Durable, strong, frameless

  • Lightweight

  • Insulation U-Value of 0.76, R-Value of 1.32

Supplier Link

Pop top

Folding Walls

This pop-top caravan has solid walls. The upper half of the walls can be pushed up or folded down, with the help of 4 gas struts. At its lowest, it is 1.85m from the ground. At its highest, it is 2.7m on the outside, with an interior clearance just over 2m. The walls fold down like a paper box. It can definitely be done by just one person. It's best to come see it for yourself.

The steps to fold everything down is roughly:

  1. Remove most things above the hinges (see images)

  2. Unlock the 4 pins locking the walls in place

  3. Fold down the 2 longer walls from inside

  4. Pull down the short walls and step out

  5. Lock the roof in place with latches

Gas Struts x4 1300N each


Certified Self Contained

The Box has a CSC certificate, with both fresh and grey water tanks. The pump works well and provides plenty of pressure.

Fresh Water 62 Litres Tank

Grey Water 95 Litres Tank

Certified Self Contained

Pump Pentair Shurflo RV Fresh Water Pump

Gauge Single Water Gauge + Water Tank Sender Probe from RVElectronics in Aus


Certified Gas Installation

The gas system was installed and certified by a licensed plumber in Melbourne. The runs the stove and the hot water system. The gas bottle is secured on to the front near the toolbox.


A Giant Battery

The Box runs on one Giant AGM deep cycle battery. We have our fridge, water pump, and indoor LED lights running all the time. We also use our personal electronics as needed. We have taken care to use the battery gently - but it exceeds our needs most of the time.

All of our plugs in the caravan is for USB 12V. This is sufficient for our phones, speakers, and lights. But we also have a pure sinewave inverter for our laptops and power tools.

The battery can be charged through a regular house outlet using the BlueSmart Charger which protects the battery and prolongs its life.

Battery AGM Deep Cycle Battery DC/12/300AH from Giant Power

Battery Charger Victron Blue Smart Charger 12v/30amp/1output

Fridge Dometic WAECO CFX35W, comes with wifi app

Inverter Victron Inverter Phoenix 12/500


The Sun

Our solar panels has definitely been our best investment. It has performed beyond our expectations at every turn. We have 2 solar panels for a combined 500W output. The panels are connected a Victron solar charger that goes to the battery. The charger stores usage info and live data that can be seen via an app connected through bluetooth.

Solar Panels x2 Jinko 250W model: JKM250P-60-A

Solar Charger Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 100/30

Exterior Finish

The Finish

You may be thinking... why that box looks like shit on the outside. Yes, it does! That's a security feature. The innocent bystander will not wonder at what jewels are hidden inside. All jokes aside, it means that you get to decide how to paint the exterior.

Prepainted Steel


No rush to paint it though. Because the wall panels have CRP Colorbond prepainted steel on either side, even without additional exterior paint, the wall panels will not corrode.


Life Inside

But seriously though, it can fit so many things. We often felt like the king and queen of the campground, solely based on how much stuff we could bring. Indoor space is 3.6m long x 2m wide x 2m high. With no overhead cabinets, it feels very spacious inside.


Year Round Living

We started our journey in Melbourne during winter time. Now a year later, the box has with stood the test of the seasons. We've lived in temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees. No leakage even during heavy rains.


A Space That Transforms

The queen-sized bed folds into a couch during the day. The side table folds out into a full sized dining or work table. Folding stools are hidden under the side table most of the time. One cabinet is on wheels to accommodate the various layouts.

Furnishings were built with marine plywood, reclaimed hardwood, and foam with textured finishing.

Bed Queen sized Ikea mattress

Table Folded 600 x 350 mm , Expanded 600 x 1050 mm

Stools Foldable wood stools from Ikea

Floor Legacy Oak Light Grey vinyl flooring

Cooking & Dining

Space for the Chef

We have a full sized sink with a folding faucet. A 2 burner stove and a small oven. The oven gets hot enough to bake cookies, vegetables, and fish, but not bread. The fridge is a 35L Dometic fridge.

The sink cover, rolling cabinet and fold out table can all act as counter space.

Sink 37 x 44 cm, 18 cm deep, Stainless Steel

Stove 2 burners, 1 small oven

Fridge Dometic WAECO CFX35W, comes with wifi app

Counter 1350 x 450 mm

Storage rolling cabinet, understove drawer, full height spices drawer


Toilet & Showers

The bathroom is 0.9m x 0.9m in size and fits the toilet, shower space, and sink. We also have a exhuast vent with fan and a small overhead LED light. The shower has pebbles as tiling.

The toilet can be emptied from the outside through a hatch. There is a dedicated cabinet space for storing sawdust.

Toilet Composting with sawdust + exterior hatch for easy removal

Shower Detacheable head

Vent Roof mounted vent with 12V Fan, currently battery operated

Light Motion-sensored LED, battery operated

Although we did install a hot water heater that runs on gas (installed by a certified plumber), the heater has never worked more than 5 minutes. The setup allows an easy swap with a different heater. Cold showers, though, are easy with the detachable shower head.

Hot Water Heater Companion Aqua Cube RV Water Heater


A Place for Everything

A total of around 2m3 of indoor storage.

Here are all the spaces designed for storage:

- Under the bed, can fit 3 large suitcases

- Under table storage (for stools)

- Kitchen cabinets

- Rolling cabinet

- Entryway cabinets

- Bathroom hatch (access from outside)

- Toolbox (on the front of the trailer)


Rainy day?

The solar system allows us to keep phones and laptops always charged. Even on rainy days, the solar array has provided more than we use. One of us works full-time on a laptop.

Even more storage

Biking & Fishing

The back of the caravan features a bike rack for 2 bikes, and a container for fishing gear.


On the Move

Our little box has gone on many adventures, without once letting us down. We've driven down (ill-advised) 4WD tracks. We've reached remote self-contained campgrounds.

Single Axel

Easy Driving

Going down NZ's winding roads? Not a problem. Backing into a tight parking spot? Takes some practice but not a problem. Single axels makes it easier to manage turns and bumpy roads.

1.2 Tonnes


The caravan with our normal items packed inside (kitchen things, bedding, etc) weighs just 1.2 tonnes. This allows the caravan to travel uphill easier.


Sits Low

It's true - a box is not aerodynamic. But this box folds down to the height of an SUV. There are no crosswind problems.

About Us

Ivan & Sherri

Who are we?

Ivan is a builder trained in Italy with many years of experience in Australia. He owned and operated a renovation business in Italy and worked on heritage jobs as a stonemason in Melbourne.

Ivan likes to complain constantly about the poor construction practices in Australia. So when it was time to find ourselves a caravan, he thought "Buy one? Nah, mate. I'll build it myself."

Sherri built this website.

Our next project

Why are we selling?

Simply because... We want to start our next project! We have our eyes and minds set on a modular container home. One thing we did miss was a place to grow plants and have animals. While we - two small humans - found the space plenty, we don't think any doggos would agree with us.

Made by Sherri